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Product Information Management

Manage the products you sell in your store, website, marketplaces and social media in one place. Let your product master data be ready for e-commerce.

Manage your multi-channel product lists in one place.

Do not waste time switching to different channels and manage more than one product catalog. Eliminate inconsistent and incomplete product content in different channels. Centralize your data and choose what information to stream to each channel.

Speed time to market.

Make your products market faster in multiple channels and regions. Offer a consistent product experience across all your channels

Create product variations.

Sell variation SKUs of the same products in one list. Show the same product in variants on your sales sites. Let your customers easily select and purchase the variant they want.

Manage product images.

Manage the visuals of all channels from a single panel with Hamurlabs. Save the product images with barcode and upload them to the system collectively at once.

Open up to the global market.

Open your products for sale using a single product information all over the world.


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