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Delivery Management

Manage your orders with cargo integrations.

Take advantage of Hamurlabs' integration with all cargo companies. Thus, ship your orders quickly.

Scan and send barcodes.

Siparişlerinizdeki ürünleri barkodları okutarak toplayın, paketleyin ve eksik olmadığından emin olarak kargoya teslim edin. Bunların tamamını tek bir panelden yönetin.

Create picking order based on delivery and cargo type.

If you want, collect your orders by separating cargo companies and deliver them to cargo.

Update order statuses from one panel.

Automatically update the status of your orders when they are delivered to cargo. Increase customer satisfaction.

Prepare a delivery receipt for delivery to cargo.

Document that you have fully delivered your orders to the cargo. Eliminate the problems of missing output from my products shipping. Instantly report the order status to your customers.


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